Juvenescence Limited Corporate Strategy and History

Juvenescence Limited is a British Virgin Islands-based holding company that will invest and work with management or scientist to develop products to prolong an active healthy lifespan. Juvenescence believes that recent scientific and medical advances will enable the development of therapeutics that meaningful extend human health-span and eventually lifespan.   A meaningful increase in lifespan in our already ageing world will have profound positive implications on all sectors of society, and in particular healthcare, education, insurance and leisure. The Team has a long history of successfully developing drugs for a variety of pathologies. This expertise is now focused on therapies for all people to live healthy longer. 

Juvenescence was founded in 2017 by Jim Mellon, Dr. Greg Bailey, Dr. Declan Doogan, Anthony Chow, and Alexander Pickett. The Juvenescence team have a long and successful track record in drug development, new company creation, academic licensing, and biotech investment.  Juvenescence pursues compelling products that will meet this unmet clinical need. Juvenescence provides its portfolio companies with substantial operational and strategic support. We partner and finance entrepreneurs, scientists or institutions in order to give their businesses or therapeutics the greatest chance of clinical, regulatory, and commercial success.

Juvenescence Founding Team

  • Jim Mellon


    Jim Mellon is a British entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor with interests in several industries. He studied PPE at Oxford University, and then began his investment career in Asia and the US, where he worked for two fund management companies, GT Management and Thornton & Co. He established his own business in 1991, which today has two components: a listed fund management company, Charlemagne Capital Limited and an Asian investment group, Regent Pacific Group Limited.

    In addition, Jim is a controlling shareholder and a director of Manx Financial Group, an Isle of Man based bank, and a controlling shareholder of Webis Holdings plc. He is also a co-founder of Uramin and Red Dragon Resources, both mining groups. Furthermore, his private company Burnbrae Group, is a substantial landlord in Germany and in the Isle of Man, owning outright the hotel chain Sleepwell Hotels Limited, as well as major shareholdings in private and public companies in sectors such as banking, commodities, leisure and healthcare. 

    Jim has published four best-selling investment books to date, the three latest being focused on investment opportunities in the life sciences sector. He is also an Honorary Fellow of Oriel College, at University of Oxford and is a trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, as well as of the Lifeboat Foundation.

  • Greg Bailey, MD

    Gregory Bailey is chairman of Portage Biotech, Inc. a publicly traded drug development company and was previously managing partner of Palantir Group, Inc., a merchant bank specializing in biotech and intellectual property. He has over 15 years of experience in investment banking and has founded several companies. Along with comprehensive experience in healthcare, finance and medicine, Greg brings an extensive involvement in corporate governance. He has co-founded and served on multiple public and private company boards of directors, such as Palantir Group, Inc., Ascent Healthcare Solutions, VirnetX Inc. (VHC:AMEX), Portage Biotech Inc. (PTGEF: OTCBB), DuraMedic Inc., and MediqVentures Ltd. As well, he was the initial financier and an independent director of Medivation, Inc. (MDVN:NASDAQ), recently acquired by the pharmaceutical Pfizer.

    Dr. Bailey holds a medical degree from the University of Western Ontario and practiced Emergency Medicine for ten years before entering finance. He also served as the Managing Director and co-Head of Life Sciences at MDB Capital Group LLC.

  • Declan Doogan, MD

    Declan Doogan has over 30 years of industry experience in both major pharma and biotech He was the Senior Vice-President and Head of Worldwide Development at Pfizer, where many multibillion dollar programs were delivered (e.g., Viagra, Lipitor and Zoloft). He has held a number of executive positions in Pfizer in the US, the UK and Japan. Since leaving Pfizer in 2007 he has been engaged in executive roles in small pharma. Declan was CMO and acting CEO of Amarin (AMRN: Nasdaq), transforming it from a failing Neuroscience company to a vibrant cardiovascular company with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars before his departure.  He has also been Chief Medical Officer for Prometheus Laboratories, a molecular diagnostics company in San Diego.

    Declan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Portage Biotech, and the Chairman of Biohaven Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:BHVN). Declan is also an investor in emerging biotechnology and technology companies. He holds a number of Board appointments, principally in pharma companies, and has also held professorships positions at Harvard School of Public Health, Glasgow University Medical School and Kitasato University (Tokyo).

    Declan received his medical degree from Glasgow University in 1975. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the Faculty Pharmaceutical Medicine and holds a Doctorate of Science at the University of Kent in the UK.

  • Alexander Pickett

    Alexander Pickett is a Principal at Mediqventures, a multi-family investment partnership and merchant bank.  While at Mediqventures, he supported existing investments in Portage Biotech Inc. and Biohaven (NYSE:BHVN) and helped found SalvaRx Limited, a cancer-immunotherapy focused investment company. 

    Prior to joining Mediqventures, he was an associate at Flatley Venture Capital, a cystic fibrosis focused investment arm of a family office, where he was responsible for investment analysis and scientific due diligence. While there, he also supported Flatley Discovery Lab's business development efforts.  Alexander co-founded Real Life Sciences, a start-up focused on using software-based patient-engagement solutions in order to improve patient recruitment to clinical trials.

    Prior to joining Flatley Venture Capital, Alexander graduated from Harvard College with an A.B. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, where he was a Microbial Studies Initiative Undergraduate Fellow and an International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition Team Member.

  • Anthony Chow

    Anthony Chow is a CFA Charter holder with broad experience as an investor. He commenced his career at ANZ Banking Group Ltd in Sydney, Australia where he worked as an analyst for four years in the corporate banking, leveraged finance and private equity teams.

    In 2007, Anthony moved to London to work for Jim Mellon at Burnbrae Group and Regent Pacific. Since joining, he was responsible research, direct investments, portfolio construction, risk management and facilitating trades in a wide range of financial instruments. He has worked closely with portfolio companies and respective coinvestors.  He is currently the CEO of Burnbrae’s subsidiary Mann Bioinvest Limited and consultant to Juvenescence.  He also sits on the board of The Diabetic Boot Company Limited, a medical device company.

    Anthony holds a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from The University of Sydney and a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting from Macquarie University. He was awarded the CFA designation in 2010.